Sports Trophies

Banners & More Signs carries an array of cup trophies along with participation, resin, and school trophies.

Let Banners & More Signs be your one stop shop for all your personalized awards, this year and beyond.

Each of our trophies is made to last. They put in the work, show them the appreciation they deserve.

Crystal & Glass Engraving

Banners & More Signs carries an array of crystal and glass awards that can be engraved and personalized to your specifications. These great quality beautiful awards will be cherished for years to come.

Take your next event to the next level with these stylish and classy crystal or glass awards. Engraved on site in Seneca, Mo.

Medals & Ribbons

Banners & More Signs carries a vast assortment of medals and ribbons for your science fair, talent show, track and field or any school event.

If you have a club or association we can get you the medals and ribbons to show your appreciation and their participation in that event.

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Our knowledgeable staff will help you determine what will be best products to fit your needs.

We can do bulk and single orders.